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Windows 10 & Office 365 Network Utilizing SharePoint 365 & Meraki Analytics (Serverless Network)

This is a typical and scalable serverless network that many small businesses and store can utilize. The overhead is 50% lower then a typical network with a server.

Network Analytics

It is important to use the Cisco Meraki for Analytics of visitors and heat maps to your store to see where most customers go. With built in AI, it can understand if its a person or not. With the Meraki system, you can also see whats is going on in your network, see what websites your employees are visiting, see what services are used most and see how your data is used. The Meraki cloud dashboard also gives your manage service provider access to monitor and update your network as needed remotely.


Today, routers are so advanced that now are called a security appliance. This includes Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Anti Virus and Network Anti Malwar that protects your computers on the network from an attack spreading. More on Cisco Meraki Security.


The POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch provides data connectivity and power over 1 network cable to all your POE and non POE devices to reduce clutter and increase convenience. Usually IP Phones, WiFi Access Points and Meraki Security cameras use a POE connection for a simple installation.


With Windows 10, you no longer need a print server to roll out printers. Windows 10 will find all your printers on the network for you to use.


Without a server, authentication to local computers is provided by AzureAD which is part of your Office 365 Premium Subscription. Each computer is joined to the AzureAD domain and authenticated from any internet connection.

AzureAD Domain Computers

You can also use the Mobile Device Manager to Remote wipe company Data from any mobile device such as ipad, iphone, android and windows laptop.

FIle System Storage

Office 365 is your SharePoint storage that backs itself up where you can retrieve previous versions of your files. You start with 1TB of shared space that you separate by groups such as departments. Instead of the G:\ Drive, you get a company folder that will also be in your file explorer and it used the same as a letter drive would:

Computer Backup

Each computer gets an additional 1TB of space of OneDrive in addition to SharePoint for backing up Documents, Desktop and Pictures on the fly so that if anything happens to your computer, its easy to setup a new one, login, setup OneDrive and your files will restore back to it.

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