• Adam Panek

Thrustmaster TMX force feedback fix

( warning, do this at your own risk, we are not responsible for damages) I have received a Racing wheel for the XBOX One from my good friend, he told me that the force did not work. I tried replacing the breakaway cable but still didn't work.

I have taken the wheel apart and, remove all screws from bottom, then 4 screws from the ring behind the wheel, also there will be 3 screws behind the ring. You want to remove the top cover.  On mine it was a faulty thermo sensor for the motor, the zip ties holding it may be too tight and crushed it. I unplugged the sensor and the force feedback works.

It would be best to replace that sensor, but the force feedback will work with it unplugged. Put everything back together and test it. Force feedback should work. 

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