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Legacy Network vs Office 365 Network

Back in the day, servers used to be the heart of the business. It was not cheap to buy a physical server, license it, power it, cool it, back it up, and maintain it. It was common practice to setup two servers for redundancy in case one went down so multiply the cost x2. Then came along VmWare, now you could create virtual servers on a single server, but you still need to run at least two physical servers as redundancy and add more licenses to that. Add the cost of a Systems Administrator to maintain all this and your overhead just went through the roof. With all that, overhead, it does not include ANY software, you still need to buy Microsoft Office or alternatives. It also does not include upgrade costs or the overtime to patch and reboot your servers. Companies use GoTo Meeting for screen sharing and online meetings, Mimecast to filter spam, DropBox for file sharing. All these services include a per person, per year subscriptions that costs more per user then Office 365. For a small business, this has been costly. As an alternative to costly servers, small businesses have been using their desktops to share files between each other, using same login and passwords on all workstations, and using gmail or free email service.

Today, we have Office 365. Many business owners and decision makers think its just Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The word "cloud" is taboo in the office. For some reason many take it as giving their data away to an unsecured unknown. In fact, if you have been using email, then you are using the "cloud". Today, Office 365 is your email server, file server, collaboration server, team server, project management server, CRM, intranet, communication server, and many more.

Today, you can use Office 365 for Business as if you had a local server that is always up to date and backed up. It also comes with Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook software you can install as well. Instead of using GoToMeeting, you can use the included Skype for business in the same way. You also get a mail spam filter you can customize for your exchange email in the cloud, all included and many many more features.

Today, a small business can be agile and have the same systems, security, software, and collaboration as enterprise giants for just $12.50 a month per user. Owners and employees can work from anywhere, bring their own device, work from any computer and everything is backed up instantly, this also includes version management where you can restore a previous version of each document. Opening up new locations, just includes ordering internet service.

About Us: North Shore Computers LLC., is an IT managed service, sets up and manages Office 365, migrates physical servers to Office 365/Microsoft 365 and include a help desk service for all businesses. http://NorthShoreComp.com

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