• Adam Panek

COVID-19 Working from Home

North Shore Computers LLC. has been preparing customers to work from anywhere. Serverless is not just a way of doing business, but its also a Business Continuity Plan for unknown future disasters.

Office 365 - Allows you to work from anywhere if setup properly. With a proper setup, you authenticate to office.com instead of a local server allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

1. Microsoft Teams - Is used for communication and collaboration.

2. Microsoft Sharepoint - Is used as a file server in the cloud.

3. Cloud Phone Systems - You can take your phone home and as long as it has internet connection, it will work from anywhere, you can also use an app on your iphone or android to make and receive calls. (Jive Phones, Mitel Cloud, etc) 4. SaaS - Software as a Service is subscription based online software such as Salesforce and Quickbooks online. 5. VPN - if you need to connect to the office network for any reason, our meraki routers have built in Client VPN servers.

6. Microsoft Onedrive - allows you to backup your computer documents to the microsoft cloud. Up to 1Tb.

7. Microsoft Intune & Autopilot - roll out all software and settings remotely no matter where the computer is, and with autopilot you can make new computer purchases where the computer will install all the software and settings on first start up as long as it has an internet connection. You will also be able to self setup iphones and remote wipe all computers and iphones.

if you have these already in place, then its business as usual.

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